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Unlock PotentialThe U.P. approach

Our therapy is based on Comprehensive ABA, an evidence-based yet widely recognised treatment for individuals with Special Education Needs (SEN), especially with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our Clinical supervisors observe, analyse, and understand behavior in order to maximise the improvement of socially significant behavior as well as global functioning.

One of the keys to success is our personalized approach. Since no two children are the same, U.P. therapy is tailor made for each child and family we partner with. The clinical team is well-trained to provide swift adjustment in our teaching to match closely with the needs of our clients.

U.P. curriculums promote skills generalization and daily life application. We focus on building a solid foundation on adaptive behavior as well as learning readiness, which can boost learning and application in different aspects. Apart from learning at the table, we set up (multiple/abundant) learning opportunities in different locations around the house and in the community to ensure functional skills generalization with environment and people.

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7 aspects of learning

Our Comprehensive ABA therapy covers 7 aspects of learning which are keys to unlock your child’s potential.
  1. Increasing adaptative behavior
  2. Learning readiness
  3. Language and communication
  4. Cognitive skills
  5. Social skills
  6. Self help and motor
  7. Pre- academic skills

...right approach for my child?

If you …

  • care about your child’s development
  • have seen the potential in your child and want to help them unlock
  • want to help your child to overcome their challenges
  • are looking for intervention that is scientifically proven

Then U.P. approach might just be the ideal fit for your child and family!


Parent's Feedback

After more than two years of treatment, my son's behavior management, learning skills, language skills, and social skills have all improved by leaps and bounds. U.P not only teaches children the whole process, but also unreservedly teaches parents how to help & teach my son in life.
Claire Wang

Parent's Feedback

The tailor-made intervention plan is always discussed with us, parents, in a timely manner, especially the scene-based social exercises, so that children can find extra fun and unexpected progress in the therapy. Thanks to several teachers for their professional and dedicated guidance and support, I hope more children can progress and grow with the help of UP.
Waipang Lam

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